Doutor Simples

Doutor Simples

DS is one of the real application of our tech platform that brings solution for real-time consultation and remote guidance for humans and pet behavior, learning, horoscope, health, among other.

On one hand, in each whitelabel version, there are experts (supply side) such as sleep and breastfeeding therapists, as well as a child nutritionist, veterinarian, dog trainer, animal nutritionist, fortune teller working. On the other hand, there are audience (demand side) mainly from Ramar Ventures’ projects itself.

Brands can promote sponsored consultations and services, offering them free of charge to impact and increase their brand perception in the Mil Dicas de Mãe and Portal do Dog user base.

As mentioned, Doutor Simples has white-label versions adapted to also serve other distance education projects – including voluntary basic education initiatives (pro bono) – and in other segments besides health for human and animal behavior, in addition to real-time mechanics for motorcyclists, super-gamers with gamers, among other.

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